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Strategic Innovation Amid Political Upheaval

Innovating for Markets


After a significant political shift in a Latin American country, a global Fortune 500 company faced sudden market uncertainty and challenges in devising strategies amidst fast-paced reforms.


Our expert team was called upon to assist the company's leadership in navigating this complex landscape and identifying defensible paths to protect growth and market presence.


Through in-depth workshops with key stakeholders, we mapped the local business ecosystem, enabling the company to not only defend against potential disruptions but also establish unique collaborations with the government, fostering a strong and respected relationship that endured beyond subsequent political changes.


The rapid political changes not only resulted in market uncertainty but also posed significant challenges for the company in devising both short-term and long-term strategies.


As a result, they faced the critical risk of losing their hard-earned growth momentum or potentially their entire market share in the region.


We stepped in to guide the company through these uncertain times. Our "Innovating for Markets" service enabled us to work closely with the company's leadership team.

We identified the company’s value architecture, critical stakeholders, and their roles in the regional ecosystem for their industry.

This identification process involved collaborative workshops with a wide range of experts, including internal team members, market leaders, and competitors.


Our comprehensive approach led to a robust understanding of the local business ecosystem.

This allowed the company to develop strategies to defend against market disruption.

In a surprising turn, we also identified opportunities for growth by aligning the company's value proposition with other players in the market. 


This resulted in the company signing an MOU with the government to collaborate towards common outcomes, establishing a strong relationship that survived even subsequent changes in government.

Key Takeaways

Adapting to market changes requires a comprehensive understanding of your business ecosystem. 

Our "Innovating for Markets" service can help you navigate market uncertainty, uncover growth opportunities, and forge beneficial relationships to ensure sustainable market success.

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