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Strategy Activation

Strategy, when done properly, informs "where to play and how to win." Yet, once these concepts are clearly developed, real strategic work has only just begun. That's where strategy activation comes in.


Strategy activation brings "how to win"  into precise focus by identifying the behaviors and detailed work required to make a firm's strategy a reality.


It exists in the space between developing the strategy and executing the strategy, bringing clarity and alignment to strategic thinking. And it transitions the effort of bringing strategy to life into specific, new behaviors through a medium of actionable plans.

The result of activation work is emergent execution - that is, budding new behaviors, routines, and organizational habits that lead to improved performance.


Improved performance opens new potential. New potential yields new ideas and opportunities to start the cycle again.

Our Focus - Strategy Activation

Our Focus

Since strategy is always activated through people, we focus on:

  • Creating alignment across leadership teams and key stakeholders.

  • Developing a fact-based and visual representation of what the realized strategy will result in.

  • Tightening the integration of strategy into business, product and market efforts.

  • Establishing the clear and ever-present principles for leading the change the strategy will created

  • Identifying the specific new skills and behaviors required to be successful.

  • Designing the future-state culture that will activate, and then operationalize the company's ambitions.

Strategy Activation is hard enough when you're going from A to B (where the desired end state is clear). When there are complex, interconnected, and large-scale strategic transformations involved, where the desired end state is ill-defined, uncertain and/or evolving, your failure is assured if you are unable to engage and inspire your people to take you to your new end-state.

Unlocking Potential Through Strategy Activation in Media and Entertainment

With our strategy activation expertise, MediaCo Enterprises experienced a transformation in their organizational dynamic. Employees became more aligned, engaged, and willing to embrace change.

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